Saturday, March 23, 2013

Reflect God

I was listening to Judah Smith this morning.
He was at Passion 2013 this year talking about community

My thoughts that came from his sermon are reflected in my
blog posts community Part one and Part two

While I was re-listening to his sermon
a major point stood out to me

Our main purpose is to reflect God.
When He created adam
there was one thing that God
said that was wrong with this picture

...he was alone

Everything else that God had made
reflected God's glory
except that Adam was alone

We were made in God's image and because of that
it was not good that we were alone.
God isn't alone
He's got the trinity
God knew that if people were going to truly
reflect who He is 
then theres no way that they could do it alone
...because God in Himself is not alone
God in Himself is community

So if we are what could arguably be our greatest purpose
theres no way that we can do it alone

Theres no way that this world can see who Jesus is if we're alone
Because Jesus isn't alone

This is why I love the church
Because without it we cannot show the world who Jesus is

and while there are some weird strange, bizarre, mean, overly critical people our there
We need them and they need us

not to fulfill some emotional need
but because we cannot do what God has called us to do

because of this the excuses of 
"I can worship Jesus more in my boat than with a church"
 "I don't need the church to worship/love Jesus"
Don't have a leg to stand on

You do need people and the church
Don't believe the lie
Don't be deceived into the doctrine of isolation all seems easier but put it how God put it...
It is not good for man to be alone

proverbs says

the man who isolates himself seeks his own desires and rages against all wise judgement!

Don't let the dirtiness and the brokeness of people
lead you away from the pack

And I'll tell you what...
I give you permission to give up on people and their brokenness
if God gives up on you and yours.

Don't give up so quickly on what God has called us to do
because this will help you complete the greatest purpose
of your life.

It's simple I seriously need you
and you need me

What are some reservations that you have about maybe being in a community
or investing in the people around you?
(Please answer in the comment section)


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