Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Divine Babysitters

In late november me and by friend Sean Bean,
along with some other great teams of people,
started on this journey of apartment ministry.

Up until now my plan to show people Jesus
was through relationships.
While my plan is a relational strategy, I am more concentrated
on a certain location.

Making friends....I'm good at

being organized
having to communicate
planning things....

....not so much

But that's all a part of being a team.

God has shown us a few cool things while we've been here.
I think the coolest thing that God has been doing is sending people to us.

Here's a cool story:

This past sunday afternoon me and Sean
spent our day like any other 22 year old college students
watching TV
hanging out at the apartment

yea babysitting
is definitely not what I thought what my strength was. lol
but God provided.

My friend Greg is a minister at a church that is local.
He is also apart of our ministry team.

He called me that afternoon to tell me that
there was a pregnant woman with her two kids who
went to his church
lived in my apartment complex
and couldn't get into their apartment because her husband was sleeping.

So we had them come over to our apartment complex
Greg bought pizza
so we took care of the kids
while their mom tried to find a way to get into their apartment

God gave us 4 hours with those kids and that mom.
That gave us a chance to do what we do best.
We got to talk to them about Jesus
and play an impromptu concert for the kids...
they loved that!

eventually they got back into their apartment
and we told them goodbye.
But it looks like we have a promising career as 
babysitters lol

Then at the last minute some loving women from the mom's sunday school group brought over some toys
and other baby supplies for them.

somebody is going to walk in our apartment
and think that one of us has a kid. haha.

God has a way of using our weakest attributes for His glory.
Mine is kids.
I'm 6'3.
kids are scared to be around me.

I'm not sure if God is calling me to divine babysitting...
but I do know that:

God is working
We're joining Him!

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