Monday, May 27, 2013

Hard Work, Costly Investments, Worth It!

Discipleship is such a strange and difficult creature.

I feel like 90% of the time its just tiring tedious work.
Maybe that's because most of my discipleship efforts with people are mainly conversations about the Gospel or menial things and not much action.

And after a year...
of what seemed to be pointless conversations going nowhere

of what seemed to be ongoing dialogue and no action or change

I was praying and waiting for God to do something
anything at all...

I believe, now more than ever,
that God uses us to disciple others for our own discipleship.
Just because you disciple someone doesn't mean that your discipleship is over.

I've spent a year
learning how to relate the Gospel to my friend.
Learning where God is connecting in his life and trying to press
the Gospel into that.

That takes a lot of time,
and a lot of work.

Work that at times can be discouraging.
But we press on because when they get it
you get to see God work,
and everything changes

When the Gospel clicks with someone because of the evident work of Christ in someones life
You get to be apart of it.

The investment suddenly becomes worth it
All the doubt fades away
because it's not based on you
it's based on a God
Who loves them way more than you do!

Be encouraged
God loves people
you get to be apart of that
It hurts
It's costly
and Worth It!


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